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Program of agricultural development

The forests in Uzbekistan occupy the minimum area - whole slightly more 7 percents from the general area of the country. However, forests play the important role in improvement of the ecological situation in country, execute water saving and erosion-preventive work, are a main factor in fight with desrtification and degradation of the lands.
Today intensive work are conducted in Uzbekistan on reconstruction of timber array and defensive forestry. Is it herewith pursued purpose increase covered wood of the territory, conservations of biodiversity, increasing to their stability and productivity.  For realization these integer under technical and financial assistance to organizations UNO on questions of provisions and agriculture FAO and under the direction of the Main of the Control timber facilities Ministry of Water and Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the second half 2008 was begun realization of the project FAO "Assistance in development of the National timber program and timber legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan".
22 May Regional Seminar National program of the development timber facilities Republics Uzbekistan took place in hotel "Malika". In discussion have took part representatives a Main Control timber facilities Ministry water and agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, institute timber facilities, scientist, specialists, as well as representatives of NGOs  and journalists. In the course of seminar was about preparing the Timber Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, row of the concrete measures on forestry action. The Participants of the seminar have voiced the row of the remarks and offers on report.

the date of the publication: 25-05-2009 10:16
source: www.econews.uz

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